Operation Crown 1963 - 1968

Operation Crown

Operation Crown Commemorative Medal

It is time for those who served in Crown to be recognised.

It is very unlikely that our government will recognise fully the contribution made by those who served on Operation and Post Operation Crown. 

The Australian government awarded  the "Australian Active Service Medal 1945-1975"  to 2 Field Troop, RAE (Who at the time formed part of 11Independant Field  Squadron RE) for Active Service, at Ban Kok Talat on Operation Crown (25/6/65-31/8/68). They were there at the same time and doing the same job as the British service men.

I therefore feel   to pay tribute and to honour all of those who served On Operation Crown or Post Crown that the striking of a Commemorative "Operation Crown" Medal be made, the medal to be worn with pride, not alongside campaign medals, gallantry decorations but separately and distinctively. The  medal to be  available to all those who served on Operation Crown or Post Crown, their next of kin or direct descendants.

My suggested design for such a commemorative medal is shown and described below. if there is enough support for this idea I will make enquiries to progress this idea..



 1.       Ribbon is same as Thai flag but on its side.

 2.       Struck in a a bronze finish.

 3.       Face has the embossed words,  “OPERATION CROWN”  “THAILAND”  “1963”  “1968” and a embossed facsimile of the Thai "Great Crown of Victory" at its centre. (A similar design as the Crown Association blazer badge)

 4.       The rear has the embossed words, “FOR SERVICE WITH UK ARMED FORCES IN SUPPORT OF S.E.A.T.O. ON OPERATION CROWN LOENG NOK THA,  THAILAND 1963 – 1968”.  surrounded by a laurel leaf wreath

 5.   Perhaps a "Bar" on the ribbon denoting the unit served with i.e. "CRE (Works) Crown" - "11 Ind Fld Sqn RE" - "59 Fld Sqn RE" etc'.


Latest news on Medal

The medal design has been sent to the MOD awards department ,Thai Embassy and also to the Royal British Legion for their endorsement.

Hopefully the medal will be available soon.

When it is ready, it will be available through the Operation Crown Association, so watch this web site also the Op Crown Association site at http://www.creopcrown.co.uk/  and the Op Crown chat forum at http://opcrownchat.myfastforum.org/index.php